Safe Sex: Good to Use or Not

What is safe sex?

Safe sex is protecting you and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases. Having safe sex with Delhi Escorts is a mature act by the partners as it not only protects you both but others who are in any kind of physical intercourse with you Even your child is at a risk when you do not have safe sex as being pregnant can harm your unborn baby as well as when you are feeding the baby.

Safe sex is always good

It is always good to have safe sex with Escorts in Delhi than an unprotected and unsafe sex. There are a lot of troubles associated with it. So whenever you are in a sexual intercourse make sure you play safe.

Although oral sex involves less risk of transmission of the HIV disease yet there is a risk associated with it. Bleeding gums and other teeth diseases can get you close to STDs. Herpes has been said to be transmitted from genitals to mouth and mouth to genitals. You may also have cut or sores in your mouth that could cause harm. You pass on bacteria, cold and flu viruses with exchange of body fluids. There is a risk of transmitting gonorrhea from the penis to the throat and the other way round too. It is always recommended to have you tested after few months of having oral sex. Have safe oral sex. It is good to be safe and use condoms. If you feel it has a rubbery taste then use flavored condoms and thinner condoms. Keep semen and vagina fluid out of the mouth and make sure that your mouth is healthy without gum and teeth problems.

Whether you have paid sex or not with Call Girls in Delhi, there is always the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases. HIV virus is transmitted through body fluids including blood, ejaculate (cum), pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) and female genital fluids (both vaginal and cervical fluid). Therefore it is necessary to take precautions and keep yourself protected from the virus as well as protecting your partners. Going for sex without the use of condom carries the highest risk of getting the sexual diseases.

How to have safe sex?

It is necessary to wear a condom to keep you protected. Wearing a condom properly is important for safe sex. Latex condoms provide the most effective means of preventing HIV and STD transmission through sexual encounters. Condoms not used properly can be ineffective. Both male and female condoms are available in the market. When the male couple is reluctant to wear the condom the female should wear it. Condoms should never be worn together as they might slip.

Understanding the importance of safe sex is what is required by all. The women are taking the initial step in insisting the use of condoms in their relationship as they realize the significance of a healthy life. To live a happy and healthy life depends on the precaution and protection you take. Having safe sex and protecting yourself should be the utmost priority as you become helpless once you acquire the disease.

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