Married guys SHOULD cheat

A Delhi sex worker has claimed marriages could benefit from a “cheat clause” if the person’s sexual needs have not been met.

This VIP escort girl believes letting your partner jump into bed with someone else would give the relationship a better chance of survival.

The former independent escort, who now works as an intimacy behaviourist, is certain that a “substantial” amount of marriages would benefit from a partner being granted permission to look elsewhere.

She also believes the idea that someone should love their partner “unconditionally” is unrealistic.

Saanya, who spent 12 years in the sex industry, told us: “A relationship should not be a prison sentence of frustration.”

“Sexual frustration often resonates in an undertone of anger toward a partner.”

“If this is not dealt with, it can spark the end of a relationship, or worse.”

Rumi, who has slept with more than 10,000 men, says if she was married and didn’t take her partner’s sexual needs seriously, she would “expect” him to bed someone else.

“I’d only have myself to blame,” she explained.

The young beauty, from Kanpur, reasoned that sex plays a huge part in the forming of a relationship in the beginning, so removing it changes the dynamic.

She added: “Sure you may have your reasons, but given enough time those reasons become excuses for simple laziness.

“You wouldn’t buy a dog without acknowledging the responsibilities involved in owning a dog. You need to walk it, feed it well, play with it, maintain its health.

“Ignore these basics and you’ll find it chewing your furniture or wandering off.

“Why should the responsibility of bringing a partner into your life be considered any less important? He has needs, primal needs, and to shut the door and expect him to stay is unrealistic.”

This comes after the female escort revealed the reason why women get their hearts’ broken.

She believes women are too driven by their emotions and heart – disengaging their brain and reason – by pursuit of a fairy tale ending.

Nastya noted the different kinds of men in her book – Delhi Escorts: The Intrinsic Book That Reveals Why Men Cheat Women and Why Women Should Enjoy it!

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